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Chicara Tamura

To whet your appetite...

Miscellaneous things from a while ago, that I haven't seen posted on fedal_slash or here.

From USO 2010 (thanks to AbsolutFed of MTF):

Some giggles (thanks to Yahoo and MTF):

Cute pic from Doris:

Watch the first 15s of the
last video.

From an interview with Sport (thanks to Federer Dropshot of MTF):
Your career has collided with that of another great champion, Rafael Nadal. Can he one day beat your achievements?

Absolutely, it is possible. You need to do it for many years, but that is something that he has been doing already. You need to stay tough and give yourself chances. The question of if he does it or not is another matter, but records are meant to be broken... What never goes away is that you were able to break that record and that you were the record holder. But honestly, I have enjoyed the rivalry that I have had with Rafa. He has been very polite towards me and always very respectful, and it's the same from my side. I think that is why we will probably play exhibitions past our playing days. We get along really well.

And I await photos.

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